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The Real Sound Of The 90s!

Internetradio with only danceable 90s from
the clubs for everyone on the world! 

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We Are Planet 90!

In 2004, Arjan and Daniëlle had the brilliant idea to set up a 90s internet station for everyone in the world who really experienced the 90s. In the 90s, Arjan was a DJ at parties and a DJ on various radio stations in the Netherlands. Daniëlle was crazy about 90s hip-hop and rap. together they have set up a radio station with all genres of the 90s. After 10 they decided to focus specifically on music from clubs and parties in order to be different from the many stations that were already there. The criterion was that the music heard on the station had to be danceable. As a result, some genres were dropped, but a nice fan base was created who did not appreciate those fine tracks like us. On our station you also hear quite a lot of tracks that were never released on CD but were only played by DJs in clubs and at parties. Unfortunately, Daniëlle passed away in 2022 and the station is only run by Arjan. Once a month on Friday evenings, exclusively created DJ sets can be heard by various resident DJs who are passionate about the station. Some of these have been offered since 2016 by Miss Mana, who surprises every time with super cool sets! If you are missing any tracks in our database, from which you can also add requests to the playlist, please let us know!
Have fun dancing and listening on our station.

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